Pegasus Project: Integrated engineering processing & materials technologies for the European sector

PEGASUS forms part of a long line of development within the automotive industry aimed at decreasing lead times, reducing costs and improving flexibility of manufacturing. As expectations of higher standards of living become the norm across Europe, automotive companies need to find new ways to compete with emerging countries with low wage costs. To compete is to innovate technology to make supply chains shorter and quicker; to combine multiple operations into single operations and to include suppliers in partnership with customers to cut out, for instance, unnecessary re-invention of processes.

One of the major keys to achieving this goal is the creation of an IDEE - Integrated Design and Engineering Environment - which will pull EU SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) together into a pool, communicating with each other and customers, and acting as a single supplier. The IDEE platform developed within PEGASUS will facilitate the integration of functions, processes and Materials in a single industrial process.

The Pegasus website can be accessed here.

The knowledgebases that are being built to form input to the IDEE can be accessed from the links below. At present these knowledgebases are private to partners of the project.

  • Overall knowledgebase (SVG) (No SVG)
  • Moldflow (SVG) (No SVG)
  • Molds and Mold Manufacturing (SVG) (No SVG)
  • CAD of an Automotive Part (SVG) (No SVG)
  • Materials