Edit annotation template to get 2nd order relations

I am looking for a way to enter what I call a second order relation in a template:

For instance I populate a list of childeren concepts using [x-Is a,b].
Next I want to use the resulting entries in this list to get for each entry a new list, based on a different relation (for instance role)

Main concept: People

Childeren list           Role
- John Peters           - Project manager
- Jeroen engineer    - Engineer
- Jack the drawer     - Engineer

Is this possible in PCPack v5 1.4.5?

Second order formulae

No it is not possible to embed second-order is-A as an annotation formula.

It does open up an interesting idea of allowing complex formulae which would be possible as the mechanism exists in PCPACK.

You can output include attributes of relationships in v1.4.6, but that is not what you want.

It would be possible to modify the published annotation pages with a post processor or to produce additional annotation pages using XSLT or some programming language.

If you look at the Example Webs - Bicycle Helmet and select Contacts. At the bottom of the contacts you will see a link to People. The page of People (of which there are none) displays addtionall information about them. This is similar to what you are thinking of doing.

If you want to discuss this further then you have my details.