Hyperlinks in annotation pages not working correctly in a published web

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Windows XP Pro
Annotation Tool
Published Webs

When hyperlinking text to internet/intranet URLs they appear correct in PCPACK, but when the web is published the links are corrupted. For example the hyperlink


However, after the package was published to both the local web server (for preview) and to the NYDEVWEB server, the URL link was not accurate. The properly formatted link became:

file:///http://ec.europa.eu/comm/competition/mergers/cases/ (red text is the erroneous/extraneous text in the link, see screenshot below)

Corrupted hyperlink. 


Hyperlinks in 1.4.5R and 1.4.6R

We have had problems in the past with users inserting external hyperlinks in many different formats, sometimes as http://www.google.co.uk, sometimes as www.google.co.uk and sometimes as simply google.co.uk. The same can be said of linking to files, particularly on their local machine. File links would sometimes be entered as file://c:\myfiles\myfile.doc and sometimes as c:\myfiles\myfile.doc. Links to files should always be on a drive or computer that will be available when viewing the published web.

To cater for the problems with links to files we provide a checkbox to publish external links which makes the publisher try to include any referenced files within the published web (i.e. copies of them).

The rules for external hyperlinks are as follows:


These links are assumed to contain www. otherwise they are treated as references to files. Hence the problem you are encountering. You could fix them by adding the leading www.. This may not be possible with your NRL links.


This version considers that many users omit the www. prefix and that there will be links with no www. prefix. The only requirement is that the links are entered with the full http:// syntax. This version will add the http:// for you if the link simply begins with www..

If you want to use links of the form http://ec.europa.eu/comm/competition/mergers/cases/ you have to edit the links in this version and publish with this version.

To fix your KB:

  • Select each link text in turn
  • Select the link icon
  • Check the link has the full http:// syntax, if not correct it
  • Select OK