Browser Support

Published Knowledge Webs have traditionally relied on Adobe's SVG Viewer plugin. This plugin is no longer a supported product, but can still be downloaded and installed from The plugin allows Internet Explorer to display SVG.

The SVG produced during the publishing process is not compatible with the implementation in other browers (Safari, Firefox and Chrome) that directly support SVG.

To overcome this problem webs can be post-processed to produce SVG that is compatible across browsers (see Post-Processing a Web). Post-processing also perfomrs a number of other transformations which greatly improve performance.

For browsers that lack SVG support a set of templates have been produced that convert the SVG to bitmaps and use Image maps to provide some of the SVG functionality.

Current status for common browsers

 Browser  SVG  No SVG
 Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9 (Beta)  As Published and Post Processed using Adobe Plugin  Requires Post-Processing
 Mozilla Firefox  Requires Post-Processing  Requires Post-Processing
 Apple Safari  Requires Post-Processing

 Requires Post-Processing

 Google Chrome  Requires Post-Processing

 Requires Post-Processing

 Internet Explorer 9 Beta  Native SVG under investigation