OMS Server fails to start

Operating System: 
Windows XP Pro

Created on behalf of a user kwyatt at Sony.

When I first open the tool, I get the initial small PCPACK logo window, and a dialog with the message 'Timeout waiting for OMS server to initialise'. I click 'OK' but the dialog re-appears a few more times. Eventually, I get the log-in dialog. I enter 'supuser' and 'admin' and the username and password. At this point everything looks fine. I get the window showing the knowledgebase folders. I open the one I want, and I see the closed book icon. The last time I went through this process, the book had a 'locked' symbol on it, so I right-click and unlock. I open the knowledgebase.

I click the launcher wizard and there's a long pause. Then I get another dialog with the 'Timeout waiting for OMS server to initialise' message. I click 'OK' a few times and eventually the wizard opens. At this point I'm not sure what's happening because the response is so slow and the 'Timeout waiting for OMS server to initialise' dialog is popping up constantly. I don't seem to be able to open any of the tools from the wizard.

I've tried re-booting, also right-clicking on the OMS server icon and selecting 'Shutdown server' but to no avail. I believe this problem started after I ran the batch file to resolve my SVG viewer problems, although I have no idea what the connection might be.



OMS Server fails to start

A desktop sharing with kwyatt got to the bottom of the problem.

OMS Server Problem 

When the OMS Server started it could not allocate any UDP Ports. This is usually caused by it being blocked by antivirus or firewall software. In this case it was a new install of ZoneAlarm which was not giving the option to allow the OMS Server to access ports. In this case ZoneAlarm seemed to be misbehaving as it was not possible to access the user interface to configure the settings for the OMS Server so it was removed and PCPACK worked normally.

This sometimes happens when my antivirus software does a major update , but I am always asked if I want to allow each component. If you are not offered the option you may need to go in and make changes yourself.

I've included my settings for the OMS Server below (hope you can read it).

 Typical firewall settings for the OMS Server

If you right click on the OMS Server in the SysTray you have the option to open up a debug window which contains quite detailed information. This information can be useful in tracking down problems.

On some systems it maybe that the UDP Ports PCPACK is trying to use are in use by another process. What happens is that if the system is running in an environment like Citrix, each instance is allocated the next available range of port numbers (in blocks of 10).

The port settings are stored in the file

C:\Users\All Users\TacitConnexions\PCPACK6\nwudp.dat (or similar)

First line is default port, second line is an alternative port starting number. You must restart PCPACK after changing the port ranges.

As an experiment I blocked the OMS server and experienced the same error (as I would expect).

Locked Knowledgebase

In a multiuser environment this usually indicates that the KB is in use by another user. The locked symbol can appear if PCPACK was not closed properly. This could be caused by any number of reasons the most common is that the computer was shut down without closing PCPACK (automatic updates and so on).

It is almost always OK to right click and select unlock to fix the problem.

SVG Post-Processing

It is really good that you are using post processing of a published web to provide cross-browser compatibility.

As you know to do this you must run the bat file in the published web and have permissions to run executable programs. Anyone else who is considering this should take a look here.