Publisher hangs validating matrices and slow performance when editing matrices

Operating System: 
Windows XP Pro
Matrix Tool
Publishing Tool

I am using the Matrix tool to establish relationships across objects in my KB. As the size of the matrix increases the performance of the Matrix tool drops off significantly.

Looking at the sparsity of the matrix by exporting it to Excel I realised that I could use smaller sub matrices. I deleted the large matrix and used a number of smaller matrices instead. This was easy as deleting a matrix does not remove the relationships. Unfortunately the publisher still hangs whilst publishing one of my matrices.

I do not need the matrices in my published web, but even if I leave "Validate diagrams" unchecked all the diagrams are validated.


Matrices slow performance and publishing

At first when I tested this out I thought you had managed to create some circular relationships which was causing the Matrix tool a problem. You shouldn't be able to do this.

This did not seem to be the problem. On further investigation I discovered that the problem was that the SVG representation of the matrix was being updated as you were editing which was causing the drop-off in performance.

You are right that diagrams are always validated irespective of the setting of the "Validate diagrams" checkbox. During the publishing the SVG is validated against a third-party product and it was in this product that the problem was occurring.

To address all these issues version 1.4.6R no longer generates the SVG files whilst editing and publishing of any type of diagram is optional.

I think that dependency on the third-party tool might have to be removed at some point.