KBs and views

Ladders, Diagrams, Matrices and Annotations are simply views on and ways of editing the underlying KB.

It is a misconception that if you remove a view or part of a view that you change the underlying structure of the KB.

Here a few examples:

  • Delete a matrix, when you recreate a new matrix with the same Ontology the matrix will appear fully populated.
  • Delete a ladder, when you recreate a new ladder with the same root node and relationships the ladder will be shown as before (I would avoid deleting the Full KB ladder, but even that can be recreated).
  • Delete a diagram, when you recreate a new diagram by dragging on the original nodes all the related objects and links willl be in place.
  • Remove a relation from a ladder that uses more than one relationship. The appearance of the ladder will change. Put back the relationship and the ladder will be displayed as before.
  • Modify an annotation template to remove an attribute/formula from a row. Display the annotation for an object that uses that template. Put back the removed row and redisplay the annotation and the annotation will be as it was before.