Publishing Templates

Publishing templates are used by the Publisher tool to transform knowledgebases to another form. Most often they are used to produce project knowledge webs viewable in a browser. In theory any template can be used to publish any knowledgebase. In practice a publishing template that is based on the starting onotology should be used as it produces a more usable end result.

Publishing templates can be customised to house style. A "How to ...." book can be accessed here.

The v6 templates all include a post-processing option. Using this option will pre-transform the KB to produce any views rather than perform the transform at viewing time. This can greatly speed up loading. To do the XSLT transforms you will need MSXSL.EXE or Saxon.

The post-processing will also convert the SVG to be compliant with most common browsers (Firefox in particular). To do this conversion you must have the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2 installed and have permission to run executables in the publication folder. SVG-enabled browsers include:

If you don't have an SVG-enabled browser alternative templates have been produced (labelled "No SVG"). In these templates the SVG is converted to an imahe with a supporting HTML ImageMap.

Example templates are:

  • MOKA v6 (includes sample KB)
  • Standard v6
  • GTO v6

We also have a number of server-based ASP.NET templates that could be customised to suit your needs.

Currently under testing are "No SVG" versions and "XAML" versions.