Diagram Text Alignment in Published Webs

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Windows XP Pro
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Published Webs

Text alignment in PCPACK is fine whatever alignment is selected. The diagram below has all the text is Centre Left aligned.

PCPACK Diagram tool text

When the diagram is published the text is clipped such that some of it appears missing. I deleted the clipping rectangles as instructed to make all the text visible. The SVG of the same diagram is shown below. The alignment of text is nothing like that in PCPACK.

SVG Diagram text


Diagram Text Alignment in Published Webs Fix

You are right - the alignment is incorrect.

In PCPACK all text is held in XML format. This requires that certain characters are held as encoded entities for example:

  • & - &
  • ' - '
  • " - "
  • > - >
  • < - &lt;
  • etc.

In aligning the text the text length was based on the encoded string which meant that lines containing the above characters were treated as longer than they were when visible. The examples you included each contained one, or more of these encoded characters.

To some extent we are dependent on the Browser's rendering of the SVG so the final results may not be identical to that in PCPACK.

This problem has now been fixed and is ncluded in version 1.4.6R of PCPACK.