Startup Browser Window Size is too small

One or two users have have reported that the Browsers on some client computers always start with a very small window. Even though this shouldn't happen as the Browser should remember the previous settings, it detracts from the front page display of a published web.

As soon as the user maximises the Window the web looks fine.

I am not inclined to force the window to be full size at the start-up of a published web as users may wish it to be displayed at less than full screen. Doing this would also mean that everytime the home page was accessed the Browser window would be resized. However, to overcome this problem a sample initial page is attached which could be loaded before a published web , or any other web for that matter, to force the Browser to a preferred size. This page can then load the published web.

The script lines in the attached file


can be modified to set a preferred initial size and to insert the starting page of the published web. The starting page is normally index.htm. In the example above the starting page is that of an ASP.NET server-based web.

index.html769 bytes