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This knowledgebase uses the General and Technical Ontology and is the published web of the KB used for the course run at the University of Calabria.

Its content is illustrative only.

To view the published web click on the links below:

Publishing - What is it

Publishing is a process whereby a knowledge base is transformed to a different view. The view might be human-readable in the form of a navigable web site. Alternatively, it might be a transformation to a form that is usable by another computer or software system.

Browser Trees not showing Icons on Server using Firefox

When viewing a post-processed web from a your local computer the browser trees show the icons.

Browser Tree Icons

If these icons are not visible when viewing them from a webserver with Firefox you need to replace the file pretree.xsl in the Trees folder of your publication template and to republish the knowledgebase.

Version 6 publishing templates have this fix already.

Medical Diagnosis Example

This knowledgebase uses the a simple ontology that was set up for use with NASA's CLIPS Rules Based Language.

The book "NASA CLIPS:Patient Diagnosis Example" on this site shows a working example of that outputs the CLIPS code directly from the KB.

To view the published web click on the links below:

Bicycle Helmet Example Web

This knowledgebase uses the General and Technical Ontology and is the published web of the KB for the development of  "The Thermoplastic Bicycle Helmet". This was a KBS project at TUDelft.

The KB was produced to show how a KB could be used to model a design process for the "Integrated Design and Engineering Environment" of the EU-funded Pegasus project.

Pen Design Example Web

This knowledgebase uses the MOKA ontology and has been produced from:

  • Fictional knowledge acquisition sessions with an entirely "fictional" subject matter expert
  • Real knowledge modelling work validated by the "fictional" expert

So I guess the end result, too, is a work of fiction.

Example Webs

This section contains small, but illustrative, webs published by PCPACK using various publishing templates.

Each web is available using Scaleable Vector Graphics or Imagemaps to render the PCPACK diagrams.

SVG-enabled browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer with the Adobe SVGView plug-in
  • Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome

The example webs are:

Diagram Text Alignment in Published Webs

Operating System: 
Windows XP Pro
Publishing Tool
Published Webs

Text alignment in PCPACK is fine whatever alignment is selected. The diagram below has all the text is Centre Left aligned.

PCPACK Diagram tool text

When the diagram is published the text is clipped such that some of it appears missing. I deleted the clipping rectangles as instructed to make all the text visible. The SVG of the same diagram is shown below. The alignment of text is nothing like that in PCPACK.

Publishing Templates

Publishing templates are used by the Publisher tool to transform knowledgebases to another form. Most often they are used to produce project knowledge webs viewable in a browser. In theory any template can be used to publish any knowledgebase. In practice a publishing template that is based on the starting onotology should be used as it produces a more usable end result.

Publishing templates can be customised to house style. A "How to ...." book can be accessed here.

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